If you can see my picture clearly then you have a fast, reliable internet connection.
But hey come on, at least you can see how handsome I am eventhogh your connection is not the greatest.



It's easy to contact me. And feel free to do so.

Mail me whatever you want. If you find any vulnerabilities here you are allowed to use (abuse) it (there will be no charges from my side althogh my service provider won't be happy) but please let me know how that works.


You can also use my PGP public key, voilà


I am learning (slowly but steadily) to play electric guitar and am a huge fan of Nirvana. Doing sports for the sake of my health wont make me happy. At least records say otherwise. Two times of breaking legs and three times breaking arms in football and also fucking up my knees (they are crunchung now) while jogging half marathons tell me that my motive in sports is sort of hardcore version of no risk no fun. I truly love snowboarding, which I begann to learn last year and would love to post about it in e.s.c.a.p.e page.

Being a green thumb is one of my old wishes. Its always interesting to grow some small plants (would be great if they grow fast too)  but three of my four small plants are dried out which is not the greatest result but I'll try again and maybe upload fotos of them in this internet.cave.

this field will get updated. Here is the cave still too dark.

Coding/Human languages

             0% |                    | 100%
Farsi          *******************
German         ************
English        *************
Arabic         ****
C              ************
C++            ********
python         *********

I'll try to make this like a cv page.. this field will get updated. Here is the cave still too dark.